1. Create an account by clicking the “Create Account” button in the upper right corner or by clicking Here.
  2. Enter your personal information. Any field with * is required for registration.
  3. Please be careful when spelling your name, your phone number, and your email address, as misspelling any of these could lead to a delay in processing your results.
  4. Please note that your email address should be the one you use to log into the Uber Partner app.
  5. Similarly, please be very careful when spelling your password.
  6. Once registered, you will be directed to the Sign Up page to enter your payment information.
You can correct any personal information by using the “Edit Profile” screen. Please note that you must enter your password in order to save the changes.
You can reset your password from the login page by choosing the “Forgot your password” link below the “Log in” button and you will be emailed a password-reset link, generally within a few minutes. If you do not get the email to reset your password, please check that your email is spelled correctly and that your account has been registered.
  1. You can sign up for a course by clicking the menu option for “Sign Up” or by Here. Please note that if you are using a smartphone to view the site, you might need to click the green button with three lines on it to expand the menu options.
  2. Choose the class that works for you. Typically, they will be based on language, or location, or both!
  3. Select your credit card type and enter your credit card details. Please be very careful when entering the card number, the CVV, and the expiration, as incorrect information may lead to a delay in signing up.
  4. Read through the Terms and Conditions. If you accept them, check the box.
  5. Enter your billing address as it appears on your credit card bill or bank statement.
  6. Click Sign Up!
  7. You should receive an emailed confirmation of your subscription.
It is important to double-check that all the credit card information was entered correctly, especially the spelling of the name on the card, the billing address (which might be different from your home address), the CVV, and the balance on the card. There is usually an error message on the top of the page when payment won’t go through.
If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions, your credit card will not be charged and you will not be able to access the material of the course.
After signing up, you have seven (7) days to watch the videos and take the test.
  1. The video content will start directly after signing up for the course. You can also access it by clicking “Watch” from the top menu. You may need to click the green button with the three lines to access the menu if you are watching on a smartphone.
  2. Watch all the videos.
  3. After you have watched a video, it will automatically go to the next one and check off the video you just watched.
  4. When you have watched all the videos, a button will appear underneath the videos that says, “Click here to start your test.” Click that button to start your quiz.
  5. If you are deactivated, it will take Uber up to 48 hours to process your results.
First, check that you have a good connection to the internet. We recommend a wi-fi connection. If you are using cell phone data to take the course, make sure you have enough data usage left in your plan to watch all the videos, and that you have a good signal.

Try reloading the site, or changing your device (if you are watching on your computer, try watching on your smartphone, for example).

If that does not work, check the settings on your browser to make sure that third party cookies are enabled.
When you first watch the videos, you have to watch them in order, and you have to watch each video completely. After you have completed the course you may re-watch any of the videos until your seven (7) day subscription runs out.
You do not have to watch all the videos at once! If you leave the site or log out, it will save your progress for as long as your seven day subscription is valid.

If you take more than seven days to watch all the videos and take the quiz, you will need to pay again, and may need to start the course over from the beginning.
Even experienced drivers can benefit from this course! But you do not need to wait for Uber’s response in order to drive again after completing it.
Not every course includes a certificate. If your course is eligible for a certificate, it will say so on the sign up page.
A certificate is a record of completing the course If you ever need to have Uber look up your results, you can give them the certificate information so they can verify you took a course.
No, the certificates are electronic only.
Please check that we have the correct email address for you under “edit profile.” You can also use the “Certifications” link to look up any past certificates.